By 1927

Date: 27 September

Time: 19.30 – 20.45

Venue: Theatre Royal Margate, Addington Street, CT9 1PW

In the night, a thick tangled root had grown from the boy’s navel, and a tough fleshy root had grown from the girl’s navel, and these roots were connected to their mother’s navel, rooting the three of them together.  


They tried to cut the roots. But they could not…. 


Sitting on a shelf in the British library is an unassuming red book.  


“The Aarne index” has categorised thousands of folktales, offering a glimpse into the imaginations of pre-industrialised people. 


1927’s “roots” is a medley of these rarely told stories.  


Tales of tyrannical ogres, magic bird’s hearts and very, very fat cats will be brought to life with 1927’s signature fusion of handcrafted animation and storytelling, with a live score involving Peruvian prayer boxes, donkeys jaws, violins and musical saws.